About Nordisk Spisehus gourmet restaurant

Nordisk Spisehus is a modern, Danish restaurant during the day. At night, we expand our horizons. Here, you will experience a unique fusion of Nordic cuisine and flavour nuances from all over the world.

Culinary Collaborations & unique fusion

Come to Nordisk Spisehus for some of the world’s best taste experiences. Our chefs travel the world to seek new inspiration and discover exciting traditions, tecniques, tends and produce. Over the years, they have collaborated with several renowned Michelin chefs from all around the world, allowing you as a guest to be treated the very best of the international gourmet scene right here at Nordisk Spisehus in the heart of Aarhus. Read more about our previous gastronomic collaborations here

A part of something greater

Nordisk Spisehus is part of Danish Design Restaurant and sister to Spisesalon and Villa Dining. Along with the two other restaurants, we aim to give our guests a unique experience where beautiful design and great food create an unforgettable dining experience. You can read about Danish Design Restaurant here (the website is in Danish).


At Nordisk Spisehus, we have gathered the very best team in the city under one roof. In our kitchen, we have an innovative head chef, Jacob Freitag, whose last position was as Sous Chef at Malling & Schmidt. To pamper our guests even further, we feature the best team of waiters in the city.

Our staff are known for taking part in prestigious chef and waiter competitions, resulting over the years in an impressive number of gold medals.