Tidligere menuer

Smagsoplevelser fra hele verden

Late Summer Flavours. August – October 2020

Our guests were treated to lemon sole in harmony with tomato and lemon grass, and for dessert they tried a sweet new version of tzatziki – with creamy yoghurt sorbet, green basil oil, crispy macaroons and an ice cold slush ice of cucumber, lemon and mint.  

United States of Food. February – March 2020

The magic occurs when different food cultures meet, and the biggest melting pot of them all — United States of America — was the inspiration for this menu. Guests could sinking their teeth into all-American classics such as rib-eye and clam chowder and experience Nordic produce cooked with pure, American inventiveness.

Francophile. November – January 2020

This winter, we celebrated the birth country of gastronomy, France. Our guests were able to enjoy a menu offering a wealth of French sensations. A menu where French pride, simplicity and quality were accompanied by seasonal local produce and Nordic innovation. The menu featured both delicate and aromatic taste sensations – from elegant oysters to roasted juicy and succulent pigeon.

Mediterranean Gems. September – November 2020

This autumn our chefs explored the Mediterranean region and handpicked an array of exotic ingredients and classic dishes. The guests at Nordisk Spisehus had the pleasure of enjoying the very best from ‘the hot countries’, accompanied by local produce and our very own innovative Nordic approach. One of the highlights from the menu was a new take on tzatziki, which we had transformed into a fresh dessert.

Taste experiences of summer. May – August 2019

Freshly caught fish and shellfish, Danish quality beef and crisp summer vegetables – this summer our chefs served a menu based on the very best produce from the wonderful, Danish summer landscape. The guests were invited to enjoy light summer dishes and gastronomical reinterpretations of Danish classics such as ocean-fresh langoustine with summer herbs, or our chefs’ favourite fish, turbot, or our very own version of the classic waffle from Southern Jutland, ’Gode råd’.

Aroma & Taste – Oriental Meets Nordic- April – May 2019

What happens when you merge exotic Asian ingredients with fresh Nordic produce and creations? Brand new and unique flavors of taste will arise! In the spring 2019 the guests could experience a menu in which Oriental met Nordic in a unique gastronomic experience. The menu included, among other things, a wonderfully fresh and simple dish with hand dived scallops from the shores of Norway accompanied by Japanese grape seaweed and the unique citrus fruit, yuzu.

A Study of Three-starred Gastronomy. January – March 2019

This winter, guests at Nordisk Spisehus had the opportunity to experience three-starred Michelin-Dishes from the gastronomic spearhead of the Netherlands, De Librije, in exquisite combination with our Head Chefs’ own dishes. The menu was offering, among other things, a real state-of-the-art serving of trout, lovage and sherry along with De Librije’s sublime signature dish: dove, hazelnuts and kohlrabi.

The five senses. November – December 2018

At Nordisk Spisehus, you get a unique restaurant experience that activates, provokes, and impresses all of your senses. With the “The five senses” menu, our guests were treated to high gastronomy through servings developed by our Head Chefs in cooperation with Catalan Master Chef, Jordi Artal. The menu included a Catalan-inspired serving of halibut in combination with squid-tuile and a cava reduction.

Our Favourite Foods & Your Beloved Dishes. Sep. – Oct. 2018

In the autumn of 2018, Nordisk Spisehus added favourites to the menu. Both the staff’s own, preferred dishes, but also guest favourites over time. One of the things on the menu was a somewhat untraditional tiramisu. This classic Italian dessert had been taken completely apart by the Head Chefs and reassembled with elements of coffee ice-cream, vanilla cream, and fruity timut pepper.

The Taste of Denmark. June – August 2018

Shellfish on the grill, a foamy sauce on Limfjord mussels and the chefs’ fresh take on strawberries and cream. In summer 2018, guests at Nordisk Spisehus had the chance to savour culinary reinterpretations of classic, Danish summer dishes. The courses were light, fresh and incredibly tasty, featuring ingredients such as rose hip and elderflower, which our chefs gathered themselves in the woods and on the beaches of Aarhus.

New York. March – May 2018

In February, our chefs travelled to New York to get inspiration from renowned Michelin Chef Daniel Boulud. When they returned, our guests at Nordisk Spisehus were treated to three of the star chef’s exquisite Michelin dishes – among them a dessert with grape fruit sorbet, rhubarb ice cream, honey-marinated pearl sago, fennel confit and fresh grape fruit.

Belgium. January – February 2018

This winter, guests at Nordisk Spisehus had the opportunity to experience 3-star Michelin dishes from one of the biggest stars on the Belgian culinary scene. Peter Goossens from the Hof van Cleve restaurant has been called ‘The Godfather of Modern Belgian Cuisine’. His contributions to the Nordisk Spisehus menu included a pineapple, blood orange and pistachio dessert.


Wolfsburg. November – December 2017

The starter is trout fillet, mushroom and trout roe. This is followed by a new version of potato pot-au-feu with truffle and a light egg yolk confit. The dessert is a trio of plum, kefir and shiso. Over the Christmas season guests at Nordisk Spisehus could enjoy 3-star Michelin dishes, which we presented in association with the Star Chef, Sven Elverfeld of the Aqua restaurant in Wolfsburg.

Washington D.C. September – November 2017

One of the pioneers within the world’s wildest molecular gastronomy, Joshua Hermias, paid Aarhus a visit to show the Chefs of Nordisk Spisehus some of the techniques he uses at the Michelin restaurant “Minibar by José Andrés” in Washington D.C. His visit allowed guests the opportunity to try cauliflower in a new, moulded version, chicken shawarma, and a pre-dessert with deep fried doughnut ice cream.

The Netherlands. July – August 2017

A summery fare with lobster, cumbava and spices. This was just one of the delectable dishes which Nordisk Spisehus offered its guests during summer 2017. Before setting the menu, Head Chef Jacob Freitag travelled to the Netherlands where he joined the man who inspired the menu – star chef Jacob Jan Boerma from the three Michelin-starred restaurant De Leest.

Milan. May – June 2017

Nordisk Spisehus’ chef Kasper Pelle Christensen travelled to magnificent Milan to share a kitchen with possibly the greatest female Italian chef. Viviana Varese was on our menu with two signature dishes from Alice Ristorante – a wonderfully tasty dish composed of sweetbread, beetroot and yoghurt and a sublime dessert with chocolate, coffee, almonds and savoury Timut pepper.

Hong Kong. March – April 2017

What happens if you combine pure Nordic produce with Hong Kong’s hip culinary scene? You get a spectacular display of new, exciting taste sensations! Guests at Nordisk Spisehus had this experience in early spring, with a menu offering, among other things, a new interpretation of wontons followed by a unique dessert with yuzu, yoghurt, and mandarin from the acclaimed restaurant Arcane in Hong Kong.

Aarhus 2017. January – February 2017

On Saturday 21 January, Aarhus took over the reins as European Capital of Culture after the Spanish coastal town of San Sebastián. At Nordic Spisehus, we celebrated this event by treating our guests to three exquisite dishes from San Sebastián’s exceptional Michelin restaurant, Mugaritz. Our menu included an exclusive dish with langoustine, pig’s tail and Ibérico ham.

World’s 50 Best Restaurants. July – August 2016

The list, “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2016” was published in spring. We celebrated this at Nordisk Spisehus by serving dishes from three of the most remarkable kitchens on the list. For instance, the guests could taste the New York restaurant, Le Bernardin’s famous and much admired dish with halibut, beans and mussel.

World’s 50 Best Restaurants. September – October 2016

This fall, guests at Nordisk Spisehus had the pleasure of enjoying gourmet dishes from three restaurants, all of which are among the top ten on the list “World’s 50 Best Restaurants”. Our chef and restaurant manager travelled to Vienna to visit renowned chef, Heinz Reitbauer, at the world’s ninth best restaurant, Steirereck. Guests at Nordisk Spisehus were afterwards treated to Steirereck’s wonderful signature dish with poultry, onions and potatoes.

French Michelin Classics. November – December 2016

With the menu ‘French Michelin Classics’ we celebrated France, the home of gastronomy. We treated the guests at Nordisk Spisehus to exquisite delicacies such as lobster, oxtail and winter truffle. We drew inspiration from the three-star Michelin restaurant, L’Assiette Champenoise and our associate in Paris, the two- star Michelin restaurant, Le Grand Véfour.

Copenhagen. May –June 2016

Fresh and green spruce shoots, the first asparagus and tasty Rømø shrimps. The menu ‘Copenhagen’ was inspired by Danish nature and developed in collaboration with the skilled people from Michelin-star restaurant Kokkeriet in Copenhagen. The guests at Nordisk Spisehus could experience Kokkeriet’s beautiful and seductive dessert “King of Denmark” among other tasty offerings.

Stockholm. March – april 2016

With the ‘Stockholm’ menu, we brought our guests back to the original, Nordic cuisine and treated their taste buds with exquisite gourmet dishes from three creative and uncompromising Michelin restaurants in Stockholm: Esperanto, Ekstedt and Restaurang Volt. Our guests were for instance treated to a fantastic dish consisting of crispy buckwheat, raw scallop and tasty lovage cream.

South America. January – February 2016

In the coldest, darkest months of the year, guests at Nordisk Spisehus were taken on an exotic Michelin voyage, experiencing one of the greatest gastronomic trends of our time – South American cuisine. Head chef, Kasper Pelle Christensen, had acquired recipes from two of Brazil’s most creative Michelin restaurants, Maní and Tuju. Guests were also treated to a course from Claus Meyer’s restaurant Gustu in Bolivia. The menu included such delicacies as pickled sugar pumpkin and the national dish of Brazil, feijoada. These offbeat, exotic flavours formed a fascinating contrast to Nordisk Spisehus’s own Nordic creations.

San Francisco. November – December 2015

Guests of Nordisk Spisehus enjoyed exquisite gastronomy inspired by multicultural San Francisco. Prior to developing the menu, Head Chef Jacob Freitag visited the city’s two-star Michelin restaurant Acquerello and its celebrity Chef Suzette Gresham. This meeting inspired the creation of a superb menu based on Acquerello’s Italian and American fusion cuisine, and was combined in exciting ways with Nordisk Spisehus’ own traditions and ingredients. For example, guests could enjoy a wonderful dish of cuttlefish and turnip cabbage tagliatelle seasoned with garlic, chili and parsley.  

Tour de Michelin Europa. August – September 2015

During the late summer, guests at Nordisk Spisehus had to look no further than M.P. Bruuns Gade to get the feel of relaxing holiday and luxurious summer in Southern Europe. Together with three-star Michelin restaurant Akelarre in Spain and two-star Michelin restaurant Belcanto in Portugal, Nordisk Spisehus’ skilled team of chefs and waiters created an utterly sublime menu with the best gastronomy has to offer in the North and the South. The menu featured Akelarre’s critically acclaimed fish dish with cod and Belcanto’s dish with the fairy tale title “The goose that lay the golden egg”.

Nice & Paris. July – August 2015

This summer, guests at Nordisk Spisehus were able treat themselves to Nordic creations in wonderful combination with dishes from three of France’s most prestigious Michelin restaurants. Located on the sunny French Riviera, restaurant La Chèvre d’Or inspired an utterly sublime dish  with shrimps, oysters and basil. In the capital of gastronomy, Paris, Nordisk Spisehus collaborated with three-star Michelin restaurant Pavillon Ledoyen to create an exquisite game dish. And on a spring day in May, Chef Kasper Pelle Christensen met with the chef of the historic Michelin restaurant Le Grand Véfour and created a superlative summer dessert with three types of strawberry.

Greatest Michelin. May – June 2015

Over the years, Nordisk Spisehus has collaborated with more than 40 Michelin-star restaurants. Three of these collaborations struck a special cord with us – namely, the three-star Michelin restaurants, which our guests have rated the highest through the years: Eleven Madison Park, Michel Bras and El Celler de Can Roca, the latter recently being celebrated as the World’s Best Restaurant 2015. In our menu ‘Greatest Michelin’, we focused on the best dishes for these three Michelin restaurants, giving our guest a chance to enjoy lemon sole accompanied by fennel and bergamot, frog’s leg ragout and an absolutely marvellous dessert based on spring vegetables.

London & San Francisco. March – April 2015

Our gastronomic journey went to the multi-cultural cities of London and San Francisco where the culinary scene oozes ethnicity and authenticity. Guests at Nordisk Spisehus’ were able to experience sublime gourmet dishes inspired by London-based self-taught chef Heston Blumenthal, who is behind three-star Michelin restaurant The Fat Duck and the mastermind of two-star Michelin restaurant Dinner by Heston Blumenthal. The dishes from London were wonderfully contrasted by San Francisco’s most renowned, culinary experiences. Nordisk Spisehus’ team of chefs cooperated closely with Italian-inspired, two-star Michelin restaurant Acquerello, Japanese-inspired one-star Michelin restaurant Ame and French-inspired Atelier Crenn, and the result spoke for itself.

Copenhagen. January – February 2015

For the Copenhagen Michelin-theme, Nordisk Spisehus brought together some of the very best features of Danish gastronomy. Five of the country’s best Michelin restaurants were proudly presented on the menu, and reinterpretations of renowned dishes from Clou, Studio, Kadeau, Kokkeriet and Søllerød Kro were praised and applauded by the Nordisk Spisehus guests. The guests were served a menu that exuded nature and authenticity, and the whole culinary experience was further elevated by the simple and raw Nordic atmosphere with patinated gold in a unique interplay with images of weathered wooden planks.

Oslo & Stockholm. October – December 2014

For a while, Nordisk Spisehus directed its course homeward with the Michelin-theme Oslo & Stockholm. The guests were taken on a journey back to the gourmet restaurant’s Nordic roots on a 360 degree authentic journey. The dishes were simple and the ingredients were honest with the sense impression of the untouched Nordic nature and the scent of wild herbs and plants. Together with the dishes, the restaurant’s décor created a unique vibe of Nordic harmony, calmness and purity. The guests experienced the modern Nordic cuisine at its best, with dishes from the Michelin-restaurants Bagatelle, Ylajali, Ekstedt, Gastrologik and Oaxen Krog. In line with the theme, a beautiful video presenting all 5 Michelin-restaurants and their chefs was also shown.

Tokyo & Barcelona. July – October 2014

For the Tokyo & Barcelona-theme the guests at Nordisk Spisehus were in for a treat. With a unique and outstanding menu, appealing to all senses, the guests had to eat with their fingers, chopsticks and cutlery. The meeting between Tokyo & Barcelona, two of the world’s leading gastronomic cities, who each have high profiled Michelin-restaurants and chefs, provided the setting for this spectacular Michelin-theme at Nordisk Spisehus. The guests enjoyed dishes from Barcelona such as ABaC and Enoteca but also the fanciful and daring tapas restaurant Tickets. From Tokyo, the guests experienced Nordisk Spisehus’ own interpretations of dishes from consolidated Michelin-restaurants such as Nihonryori Ryugin and the flourishing Amour.

Paris meets New York. April – July 2014

The contrasts between the two gastronomic capitals were highlighted when five of the world’s most recognized Michelin-restaurants were interpreted under the theme Paris meets New York. Dishes from Le Pergolése and Pierre Gagnaire in Paris and Eleven Madison Park, Jean Georges and Per Se in New York were honoured in a distinguished menu that linked the classical French kitchen with the newest gastronomic techniques from New York. The restaurant had a spring-like look decorated with silhouettes from the two cities’ most famous buildings, in beautiful bright and orange tones. In line with the theme, a beautiful video presenting all 5 Michelin-restaurants was also shown.

A Tribute to Michelin. February – April 2014

Tribute was paid to a series of Michelin-restaurants when Nordisk Spisehus presented distinguished dishes from five of the world’s most acclaimed Michelin-restaurants elBulli, El Celler de Can Roca, The Fat Duck, Geranium and Michel Bras. Every dish was interpreted by Nordisk Spisehus with respect and affection for their role models within avant-garde cuisine. The guests could enjoy an irresistible cod and oyster tartar with crispy salad and lightly smoked veal marrow composed by elBulli, elected the best restaurant in the world for many years. The dishes were beautifully accompanied by carefully selected wines, which highlighted the refined tastes.

Stardust from Matador’s time. November 2013 – January 2014

We set off on a gastronomic journey back to the Matadors days with new interpretations of the lord’s  and the servants’ favorite dishes. The contrasted menu presented tradition and innovation in perfect harmony. The dishes called out memories and nostalgia, for example “The Bank Manager’s roasted duck” with red cabbage and potatoes, and “The Lord’s lobster” with cream cheese and oyster sauce. The décor in the restaurant was inspired by beautiful old brocade-wallpapers and Madame Blue – contrasts that created a pleasant atmosphere in light of the theme.

Rome. September – November 2013

The atmosphere oozed of exotic ingredients from the traditional Italian kitchen combined with an evocative décor inspired by the picturesque streets in Rome. The menu was composed of classic Italian dishes with a Nordic twist, such as breast of veal with tuna-emulsion, creamy polenta with parmesan and panna cotta with creamy sorbet and crisps. The wine menu offered the best Italian classics and a couple of exciting new surprises. Nordisk Spisehus held a theme night with a distinguished visit from the Michelin-chef Giulio Terrinoni, who in corporation with Nordisk Spisehus’ kitchen, created six  Michelin-worthy dishes for the guests.

Paris. April – September 2013

Romantic springtime in Paris – Home of the Michelin-guide! A theme inspired by the Parisian Michelin-mastodonts: Senderens, Pierre Gagnaire, Epicure, Pavillion Pergolése and Ledoyen. A versatile menu presenting for example the the classic heavy dish “Tournedos Rossini”– and the  famous Asian-inspired dish “Salmon, wasabi, cream and miso” from restaurant Senderens, The wine menu gave a vivid tour to exciting corners of France. The restaurant’s floor was covered in cobblestone and grass with Parisian cabaret music flowing from the speakers. The spring certainly found its way to Nordisk Spisehus.

New York. January – March 2013

The guests enjoyed delicious dishes from super trendy and recognized restaurants in New York, all of which have been honered with stars in the prestigious Michelin-guide: ACME, Gordon Ramsey, Ai Fiori, La Bernadine and Jean Georges. A New York-menu characterised by authentic flavours – for example, a mouth-watering dish inspired by La Bernadines famous seafood consisting of lean tuna, salmon, ginger and lime with a delicate contrast of creamy foie gras. Complimented by a razor-sharp wine menu, solely composed by wines from “The Big Apple” and the USA, had  the guests sense the atmosphere of the vibrant big city, New York.

Danish Michelin-theme. November 2012 – January 2013

A star-studded theme with wonderful dishes created by the chefs Paul Cunningham, Thomas Rode, Christian Ebbe, Thomas Hermann and Heston Blumenthal. Paul Cunningham, chef at Henne Kirkeby Kro, created a fabulous turbot with smoked beef marrow. Thomas Hermann, former chef at restaurant Nimb, impressed with saddle of wild boar, and Thomas Rode from Kong Hans’ Kælder created a heavenly dish with oysters, rye-bread crumble and cream double. The restaurant walls were decorated with photos of the handsome chefs and with little quotes for the guests to complete the Michelin-experience.

Nordic Forest-theme. September – October 2012

The Nordic fall inspired a forest theme and an intriguing menu with moose tatar, smoked marrow, wild boar and pigeon accompanied by the finest late summer ingredients. The walls of the restaurant were decorated with thematically linked pictures from the Nordic forests, and audio tracks of Nordic, wild animals mixed with the background music – a true nature experience for all the senses.